Cashimar was launched in January 2019 by two creative women from Munich.
The brand’s focus is on luxury hats and scarves. The founders of Cashimar have managed to create a label that stands for timeless elegance, highest quality, and unparalleled passion.

The owners

Gabi and Giorgia have both been working in fashion for several years.
After getting to know each other in this fascinating world, they became very good friends.
Eventually, they decided to combine their strengths: Gabi, as a strong fashion agent, and Giorgia, as an Italian production manager. Together they made the perfect team. Beanies were a staple piece in both of their closets, and they noticed, even throughout the
summer, the beanie was a popular accessory for many others as well. Though they noticed a gap in the market concerning color variation and quality. That was when the two thought, 'Why don't we found our own brand of beanies in a variety of colors…’ A product not only made with the finest materials and durability over time, but one that
also contains a recognizable design and the perfect fit.